Liquid Solids Separation -- Our separators are used for liquid solids separation in the food processing, water treatment, wastewater treatment, oil recovery, lake restoration, and nutrient recovery (phosphorus) applications. Unlike other separators, our separators can take advantage of the hydrophobic characteristics of the solids to be removed. We can remove bacterial and viral pathogens , nutrients, surfactants, suspended solids, DOD and COD.

Solids Thickening -- Our separators are utilized to thicken aerobic and anaerobic sludge, biological solids, water filter backwash waters, and membrane retentate. Our separators can achieve the highest surface loading rates while producing the thickest solids slurry that can be pumped.

Biological Treatment -- Our separators are used in anaerobic waste treatment. Bacteria are separated with a variety of gases and recycled to the biological reactor. Our separators are also used in the growth and harvesting of phytoplankton for nutrient recovery and energy production.

Physical Chemical Treatment -- Our separators are used in a variety of physical chemical water and wastewater treatment processes for nutrient removal and recovery, lake restoration, gas cleanup, and water treatment.

Storm Water, CSO and SSO -- Our separators are used to provide economical and effective removal of pollutants from storm water, combined sewer overflows (CSO), and separate sewer overflows (SSO). The separators are not only economical but provide the advantage of storing concentrated pollutants (solids, oil and grease, bacteria and viruses) for subsequent return to the wastewater treatment facility.

Marine Pollution -- Our separators can be effectively used to treat ballast and bilge waters containing oil and grease, suspended solids, and a variety of microorganisms and invasive species. Our separators do not require a level surface for effective operation.